.Durban Value Proposition

The following serves as a limited set of examples of how the .Durban TLD can establish a value proposition for the City of Durban and its residents:
.Durban Value Proposition

Reserved Name List and Priority Application for the City

The city will have the opportunity to establish its own online brand identity using the .Durban TLD as a foundation. Various names can be reserved for the City’s exclusive use, thus allowing the city to establish a uniform and scalable online identity for the provision of municipal related services. e.g. hospitals.durban, icc.durban, police.durban, parks.durban, rates.durban etc.

Brand Building, which identifies with the City:

This is an opportunity for brands that are based in Durban to identify with the city and to set their roots in the Durban digital space. Having a dotDurban domain name will also assist brand owners with search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns thus ensuring that prospective customers and users are able to find locally relevant content, products and services quicker and more efficiently, e.g. hulletssugar.durban.

Establish a unique platform for the promotion of Durban based tourism services, products and information (portals):

There are tourism related touch points that are unique to the city of Durban such as ‘bunny-chow’, ‘rickshaws’ and even the annual ‘sardine run’. A dotDurban domain name provides these unique city touch points with a distinct and easily recognisable online identity. These ‘portals’ can be run privately or by the city, or a combination of both. e.g. rickshaw.durban, sardinerun.durban, surfing.durban, events.durban

Facilitating Local Community and Socio-Economic Growth:

Durban based communities can showcase their commitment to local growth and change, or simply utilise the space to organise and coordinate their activities and services. e.g. ilove.durban, learntosurf.durban, outreach.durban, safety.durban

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection

Brand owners and users will have a secure, world-class registry system with associated policy infrastructure that will ensure sufficient mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property and consumer rights. e.g. nandos.durban, bmw.durban, holidayinn.durban

International competitiveness and relevance:

Major cities all over the world are developing and promoting their brands in an attempt to compete as a tourist, event or investment destination. Many of these cities have reverted to new TLDs in an attempt to establish strong online brands in order to tap into the virtually limitless tourist market utilising the Internet, .e.g. london, .berlin, .paris, .sydney etc.

Developing and Showcasing Brand Ambassadors:

e.g. JPPietersen.durban, PatrickLambie.durban, sharksrugby.durban, goldenarrowsFC.durban, amazuluFC.durban